Energia Moxi Moxie Healing System ™

Energia Moxi Moxie ™

Energia Moxie Moxie enhances wellness to aid towards the state of homeostasis bringing forth a wholeness towards a person through Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Our system can help aid towards energy balancing, wellness, releasing past traumas, and balancing of Yang energy.





Understanding the meaning of our system

Energia- Bringing forth the Heavens and Earth by promoting healing. Enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the energy field, person/person/human field.

Moxi- To warm the meridian and expel cold. Induce the smooth flow of Qi and Blood. Strengthen Yang energy from collapsing. Prevent disease and maintain health.

Moxie The energy and the ability to be active, have courage, and have determination.

Have you been experiencing sickness or disease?
Have you been experiencing overwhelming emotions?

Would you like to improve your overall well-being?


Energiamoxi Moxi can aid towards every part of your life.

System aids towards:
Back pain
Joint Issues
Sports injuries
Neck issues
Carpal tunnel
Past traumas
& Much More…

The first modern scientific publication on moxibustion was written by the Japanese physician Hara Shimetarō who conducted intensive research about the hematological effects of moxibustion in 1927.

Understanding of Hematologic Effect(Taken from Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.)
hematologic effect, the response of blood cells to radiation exposure. All types of blood cells are destroyed by radiation, and the degree of cell depletion increases with increasing dose. Lymphocytes are affected first and are reduced in number within minutes or hours after exposure. Erythrocytes are less sensitive than other types of blood cells and may not show radiation effects for several weeks

With his major research it has changed the world today. We give thanks for his great work.


Picture of Hara Shimetarō


Did you know that your Thoughts & Emotions are Linked To Reduce your Meridian Health?

Twelve standard meridians applied in Energia Moxi Moxie Healing System ™

Arm Tai Yin channel corresponds to the Lung
Leg Tai Yin channel corresponds to the Spleen
Arm Shao Yin channel corresponds to the Heart
Leg Shao Yin corresponds to the Kidney
Arm Jue Yin corresponds to the Pericardium
Leg Jue Yin corresponds to the Liver
Arm Yang Ming corresponds to the Large Intestine
Leg Yang Ming corresponds to the Stomach
Arm Tai Yang corresponds to the Small Intestine
Leg Tai Yang corresponds to the Bladder
Arm Shao Yang corresponds to the San Jiao
Leg Shao Yang Channel corresponds to the Gall Bladder

The Chinese meridians system is a whole-body network of 20 primary energy channels or as named jing luo and 8 extraordinary vessels;besides the main 12.

Consultation- $20.00 (Have an assessment in our system to see what is is needed)


Partial Sessions- $25
Full Sessions- $125 (Can be broken down into four parts)
Advanced Healing Sessions- $185 (This is for individuals with recurring symptoms that have not improved.)
Advanced Meridian Depletion Session– $225 (Towards any persons suffering from Cancer or any other Major Illness.)



None of these sessions are to replace care of your physician in any way. We are not Doctors, and we do not tell anyone to discontinue their Doctors care or medication.


Bring forth spiritual healing and bliss to return all parts whole. Listen to what you need to hear, not what everybody thinks you want to here. We are not here to sugar coat things and allow confusion to still linger on. We are about ending all suffering and illusions inside the self. To end the search and realize that we have always been there. That we have always been whole and at peace with ourselves and others.

Be able to realize and understand the truth for yourself. Mend and resolve emotions towards yourself and others. Develop a peaceful and serene mind.

Rejuvenate your whole being to a new level inside yourself. Uniting all parts and aspects into one.

Sessions are depended upon our schedule and travels. So please contact us to reach out and see how we can help you.

We provide initial consultations to help identify the need and what we are able to do for the individual. Our services shine as our method is personalized since we understand each individual is different and needs vary accordingly. We do not turn anyway away. Our services and teachings help aid towards all faiths. It is of no specific faith in itself making it a method or system of no system.Meaning you may bring in your own faith and healing system for an open integration to enhance and evolve.

The spiritual readings are a powerful tool for someone to be able to identify what is going on in their life quickly. Most times the power will unfold over a couple days as the individual meditates and contemplates upon what was spoken. Meaning as the individual acknowledges and identifies for themselves, things will click and aha moments arise. That person will be able to see what is needed in their life at this moment in time. What needs to be forgiven and let go of that has been affecting that individual without realizing yet. All of this is given in a non-judgement way to help allow the individual to open up and see themselves in a non judgmental way. Because the reality is, that most people look at themselves and judge according to right and wrong. So that they are actually putting themselves down and feed energy to such emotions as guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

vibration meditation

This is unnecessary and hiders the individual’s growth as a loving being. First, forgiveness and compassion needs to be placed within side one’s self. These spiritual reading offers an opportunity for any individual to take their next step in cultivating self-acceptance and love. Which will radiate and ripple throughout their life.

Experiencing a shift and what is possible can be life changing. One of the many benefits and reasons for our spiritual healing. Maybe you are ready to book a session and experience how light and great you can feel with a little loving kindness and compassion.

Contact us today for a free consultation and we will help you on your spiritual path


If any of this spiritual talk seems like something you are interested in and would like to learn more, take our meditation class on Thursday night.

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