NLP Sessions spiritual readings, spiritual consultation , magic consultationsCome to Gavina’s Magikal Door for a free consultation. We offer spiritual services and we can determine which is the best fit for you.  Get your personalized spiritual reading and healing after a brief assessment.

Do you feel that its time to make a change in your life but don’t know how to start?

Let us know what is going on.

Schedule a free consultation today so we can find the best service to help you feel better and live a fuller life. A consultation consists of a 5-10 minute sit down to asses what service would be the best fit for you. We will then give the pricing on the service you need. Call us at 540-847-6080 or email us at


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If you aren’t sure about a reading, please visit our online store to order a spiritual candle that can help your situation. Each candle aids to something in life and is worked so you can experience the highest good. Contact us today.

For a deeper reading and extra services, please call 540-847-6080.

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