Paranormal Help and Healing

Have you had experiences you or no one can explain that affect you, others or a business?
Does it seem as if bad things always happen in some places for no reason?
Do you think that a place is haunted?
Maybe people always get into arguments in a specific place?
Things get lost, broken or moved?
People are always getting sick?
It just doesn’t feel right, you always feel drained and depressed?
Feel and constantly think to yourself that a curse has been brought upon you or a place?
Feel a dark past that still lives?

We would love to help and assist you in its transformation.

Paranormal is stated as something unscientific meaning that it can not be measured or explained by science as of yet. It general identifies experiences that lie outside the range of “normal” experiences or scientific explanation or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of scientist current perceived ability to explain or measure.

You see, there is a part of an unknown that exist. We can’t fully measure or explain it. Sometimes things happen for reasons unknown, reasons that can not be explained. We offend bang our hands against the wall trying to figure things out when in reality we might just be scared of something we do not know. As humans we are scared of the unknown. We are also very clever and will devise many detours to the truth that is always present. The point is no one can deny your experience, only you truly know what you have experienced. No matter what has happened in the past or is happening now, change is possible. You are blessed with life and therefor deserve to live it. We aid in the cleansing of all pieces, clearing what needs to be cleared. So that life may live.


paranormal help and healing


We understand and accept the unknown. Now, some people may say they do no t0 believe in it, that is okay. But sometimes we experience things unknown and can’t explain it. Either we hold on or others hold on to something that needs to be released. We are here to help shift what needs to be shifted, your unpleasant experience to one that is. A lot of things have happened in the past. People and things have been through a lot. For this reason cleansing and healing needs to occur.

Our system, method is very different as you are beginning to see. We have no need to film , not that it is wrong. Our intention is different. Our system is here to accept what is and allow it to pass. We are not here to prove anything to anyone, we help people transform places so that they do not live in fear. We  have  nothing to do with religion, voodoo, witchcraft, any type of “magic” or anything like that. We just redirect one back to the Divine, source.




We start off with a consultation. Be it a business, home, car, street, park, self, family, anything that is. We keep everything private as we respect your privacy. We would like some information before beginning, such as: pictures of whole place, how you feel, whats going on in the place, whats going on in your life, anything unusually going on?, arguments?, sickness?, how long has this been occurring?, explain everything in detail, email address, phone number to be reached.

If you are DONE experiencing anxiety, depression, sickness, poor self confidence, and all around negativity, come to our Thursday night meditation. I can assure you it is nothing like you have ever experienced before. Join our welcoming metaphysical community and let yourself be the free spiritual being you are.

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