All is one. Mind, Body, and Spirit

Gavina’s Magikal Door provides Fredericksburg VA with a meditation school.  Here we teach the true meditation of life, for life is a meditation. We provide personal guidance to your own understanding inside, as everyone speaks their own language. We assist one in addressing forgiveness, so that they may free themselves and ancestors who may have passed on an experienced trauma that is unresolved. We help you in understanding the known, seen world and that of the unknown, unseen world, bringing you into the now where you are without an identification of the past to the present.

Learn the true meditation inside you.

Come and experience it for yourself. You will not be the same.Gavinas Magikal Door Meditation

We offer two meditation classes:

Adult Meditation

A class designed for adults 18 and older, you are given tools and lessons on how to deal with your past and current situations in your everyday life. This intense class serves to help you journey into yourself to be happy, deal with stress and anxiety without being drained and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Child Meditation

 Offered to ages 6 – 18, our children’s meditation class helps build confidence and self worth from a young age. Your child will learn leadership, self stress relief, respect for others and themselves and much much more more!



You deserve to know the secrets of the universe.



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