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Gavina’s Magikal Door Herb Class

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Learn about how you can use the natural products of the Earth to assist you in your medical needs. Learn the ways of natural healing and feel vitalized again. Herb class is more than looking at leaves and distributing goods. Our class aims to ind the true beauty in the plant and show way to utilize it in everyday life, whether its making an all curing salve for cuts or grinding up dried leaves for a spice.

100.00 dollars down to register to hold seat and limited supplies,along with introductory  course first Sunday class. Each additional class 30.00 drop in price

Everyone  must take introductory course no exceptions. Getting to know what the sessions will hold will help you understand the true essence of how herbs can benefit you. Learn Herbal Healing at Gavina’s Magikal Door.





Herb Class is held in the Summer Every Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Call today to sign up 540-847-6080

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