Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle LIght Ceremony Gavinas Magikal Door Fredericksburg VA

Light a Candle and Request a Blessing | Third Sunday Evening of Every Month at Gavina’s Magikal Door

Come to our Ceremony this Sunday evening where we will be lighting candles if you are going through a situation. We have our own line of spiritual candles we use to amplify the frequency you desire into the ether so you can shape your life how you want for the highest good. Come and stand in for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or make a petition to better yourself in life. We want you to experience the Magic.

We hold a candle lighting ceremony in the sacred garden and meditation room for petitions and life situations. Come to our ceremony and be in peace with yourself and all your guides. You will be able to see what is needed in you life at this moment in time. All of this is given in a non-judgement way to help allow the individual to open up and see themselves in a non judgmental way. Because the reality is, that most people look at themselves and judge according to right and wrong, so that they are actually putting themselves down and feed energy to such emotions as guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

Each ceremony, we will be featuring 3 of our spiritual candles for your to experience for a discounted price. They will be different each time and each candle has a specific meaning and power to help you with your life. You get to choose one that applies to you the most, or you feel would help out someone you care for. Your petition will benefit not only the one who is involved, but you as well to bring the most blessings and love into your life.

SPiritual Candles Magikal Door Ceremony Candle Lighting Ceremony
Raphael, Destroy Obstacles, Shut your mouth, and Kubera Spiritual Candles

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Whatever your need or desire, the fire from a candle will bring it into your reality in the most miraculous ways. Believe in the wonders in your heart attend to experience the magic we practice everyday at the Magikal Door. If you cannot make our  ceremonies on Sunday evenings, call us at the store and we will light a candle on your behalf. Just contact Sherry at 540-847-6080 for more information.

Contact us today if you are searching. We are here to help. Walk ins are encouraged. Come and utilize our healing grounds today! For direct assistance, call 540-847-6080. We do tarot readings, spiritual healing, cord cutting, black magic removal, and more! We also have a ton of products in the store so come check us at 108 Gordon Street Falmouth VA 22405.

Front of Card Sherry Magikal Door Card Candle Lighting Ceremony

Why not take one of our classes? Start off by coming to meditation. This will help you rid anxiety, depression, heartbreak, and illness. We are here to help in your transformation to a better you.

Join us for a Meditation class every Wednesday Night at 7:30 PM at our in store location. ! Choose for yourself to put time and dedication into making yourself better. Its your choice. Learn more about Meditation Here.