Child Meditation

Is your kid experiencing anxiety, depression, or anything out of the ordinary? Come into Gavina’s Magikal Door for Child Meditation so we can help them live in harmony with the realm of the metaphysical.

Let your children experience the joy of life and keep it throughout their adult hood. They will learn how to deal with everyday situations and incorporate it into gaining knowledge about who they are in their life.

Every Saturday AT 4:30 pm we offer meditation class for children from ages 6 to 18. The price is 10 dollars per child.


They will learn meditation and receive tools to help them with everyday life situations.

Our Core Values

Stress relief
Dealing with emotions
Respect towards others
And much more


Give your child this gift of experiencing life in the happiest way. They will be able to carry this positive mentality in whatever situation they face in life. Join today and watch your child flourish!