Adult Meditation

Gavina’s Magikal Door Adult Meditation

Where: Gavina’s Magikal Door

Address: 108 Gordon Street Fredericksburg VA 22405

When: Wednesday’s 7:30 – 9:00  PM

Admission: $10

For anyone who is in need of guidance and relief from anxiety, stress, illness and bad feelings through relationships, family and friends you will find support here. We will help you on the path of finding internal peace and harmony. Our services enhance anyone’s journey and faith. You may bring in your own faith, morals, and beliefs inside. We teach meditation and tools to help you be happy and positive as you walk through life.

We offer spiritual and emotional teachings and healing.

adult meditationWe provide Fredericksburg Va with a meditation school that teaches the true meditation of life: life is a meditation. We provide personal guidance to your own understanding inside, as everyone speaks their own language  and identifies differently. Join us in a judgment free environment where everyone wants you to be the best person you can be. Go inside yourself and really discover who you are, why you do what you do, and how you can teach yourself to make your life better. We assist one in addressing forgiveness, so that they may free themselves and ancestors who may have passed on experienced trauma that is unresolved. We help you in understanding the known, seen world and that of the unknown, unseen world, bringing you into the now where you are without an identification of the past to the present. You are here. Its time to make a change in your life.


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Our classes’ main goal is to help your body reach homeostasis, the state in which miracles happen everyday without analyzing. Balance needs to be obtained in the physical body in order to have the insight you are looking for. To get there, you need a certain process integration of mind, body, and soul, as some would say. This integrates everything, and it doesn’t matter what the name is.We teach about healing, healing the self, and about helping others heal. That is in advanced part as we go along. The main part is to integrate the meditation experience and have to understand that this is a continuing process in returning to harmony. If you look at how many years you had a habit and integrate of the known that you think you know, you will see. This is a phenomenal and beautiful thing for everyone to experience. If you are a practitioner of any system, you can integrate this into your healing and life. We ask that you first take care of yourself. Learn to help others by healing yourself.

Contact us today if you are interested in attended a class or if you have any questions about our sacred teaching. Call 540-847-6080 for more information about the spiritual services we offer.





Gavina's Magikal Door NEW Location 108 Gordon Street Falmouth Va 22405