Time Traveling Seminar Tonight!! $25 from Master Achito

ATTENTION ALL SERIOUS STUDENTS OF LIFE! Do you want to change? Tonight is your night.

7PM TONIGHT @ Gavina’s Magikal Door | $25

Message from Master:

I am about to reveal a miracle time traveling secret to help shape your future. Its your Choice. Attend or pretend. Love and Blessings. Everyone who wants to participate is welcome! This is a call to action! Tonight’s class will be a very important seminar. LIFE CHANGING and TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!

Gavinas Magikal Door Info

$25 CASH for Master Achito’s Seminar Tonight. Pay at the door. 7PM TONIGHT @ Gavina’s Magikal Door!


PS. You know when I speak like this in people’s lives change and many things are rearranged. It is going down, in the underground in Fredericksburg. No recordings allowed and electronic devices phones must be off and put on a table.


Call: 540-847-6080 for any questions! See you tonight!


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