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We at Gavinas Magikal Door want to ensure you are healthy, happy, and energetically charged as you walk through life and experience the world and its miracles and magic.

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9 – Marie Laveau

Our technique looks at energetically what is going on to identify what path needs to be taken for all over body healing. We have a variety of  healing methods in which we advise, utilize, and suggest to internally aid you in your natural healing process. This reading is an intense package and is for someone who is very seriously wanting a change in their overall health and well-being.


You will assigned one or more practitioner to help and assist you inside your true transformation process and see how you develop over time.


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Interested in Tarot Readings?

With our new deck, we can measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding you and your life. Be the first to experience the magic of these beautiful hand designed oracle cards. Ask our cards the questions you desire and determine the proper path you want to venture on.

Each one is hand drawn and blessed. Let the cards speak to you and come to get a reading today!

Gavinas Magikal Door Tarot Readings in Fredericksburg va Spiritual Readings and Tarot Readings in Fredericksburg VA
Call 540-847-6080 for a Tarot Reading

We offer intuitive Tarot Readings today to Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania area. Walk through life with confidence that you know what to do and experience this magic.

Expand your knowledge of the metaphysical realm by experiencing a tarot reading today!

Call 540-847-6080 for a Tarot Reading


Spiritual Reading Gavina's Magikal Door Fredericksburg VA Spiritual Readings and Tarot Readings in Fredericksburg VA
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We have many session offering available at this point in time:

Meditation (Wednesday Night 7:30 PM): $10

Energy Healing Clinic Session (Tuesdays and Saturdays): $15

Basic Tarot Reading: $40

Life Reading: $125

All is one. We are here to assist you in your spiritual transformation.

If you are going through anything in life such as relationship issues, marital strife, serious illness, uncontrollable emotions, or are just ready for a serious transformation in life, visit us in the store or call 540-847-6080. We are able to design a specific healing session to aid your energy and spirit.

Stop in the store at 2011 Princess Anne Street Suite 103 Fredericksburg VA 22401

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Many Blessings!!!


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