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Black Magic Removal in VA

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When someone says Black Magic a lot of things run through someone’s mind. Many people have a misconception of black magic because of movies and books. We are not here to put down anyone’s practice. We are not here to create a war. What we are here to do is help to identify the frequency of what someone is feeling.  We are not saying we are doing bad because we wish no harm upon anyone else.

We are here to allow the frequency in which someone is feeling to pass.

When we look at energy, we try to let people understand the energy is neither good nor bad. It Is energy and it is from the Source. Depending upon someone’s practice, ritual and religion, there are all different identifications as what someone would label Black Magic. There are all different aspects of what people conceive as Black Magic.

We are not here to contradict anyone’s belief. We are here to teach a system of what someone would call Universal Source if one were to break it down.

‘Is Black Magic real’ is the question. Black Magic can be all different fragments of your own emotion, phobias and fears. It can be attachments towards arguments, different relationships, families and ancestral lines, but ultimately Black Magic is just a name.


Remove Black Magic Spells Remove Spells, Black Magic, Hexes, and Curses through a Spiritual Reading Remove Spells, Black Magic, Hexes, and Curses in VA


When you come to us, we have a system of testing and identifying to see what is the cause of what you are feeling. A lot of times when people think Black Magic has been put upon them, it has to do with their thought, thought patterns and fear. People feed off other people’s fear. This makes it easier for a person to be effected.

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Black Magic in VA

Every person has a different frequency of fear, anxiety, depression upon their experiences in life, their traumas and the words which were introduced in life. These experiences were introduced by family, friends and teachers and they can create a fragment of which someone would call Black Magic, voodoo and so forth.

Our job is to evaluate, see the pattern, habits and fears. Our evaluation is through consultation before we can detect exactly what is wrong. The initial consultation is free and to see where you are in your in life. We need to see what is needed to call all parts whole to you, allowing your temple to shine inside the Source. This brings you toward the pureness of nothingness in which miracles can be created.

Removal of Curses, Black Magic, Hexes, Jinxes, Incantations at Gavina’s Magikal Door

Every consultation is different as people are at different points in their life. If you are suffering from any bad things happening in your life such as anxiety, depression, illnesses, job loss, etc. Allow us to help you find the correct direction on your path to relieve the suffering.

The initial evaluation is not the actual Black Magic removal. It is a consultation to see where you are at, what needs to be removed or what other type of work you may need. All black magic removal and consulting must be in person.

Please do not ask us to keep a loved one hostage because you want to be in a relationship with that person. This is not what we do. We can evaluate the relationship and different things to see where frequencies could possibly be changed. We do not put spells on someone for keeping relationships. This is the biggest practice in Black Magic. We can aid toward bringing peace but this depends upon both parties, their energy and frequency, how truthful they are and if there is room to mend and forgive.


Get an Energy Healing Gavinas Magikal Door Remove Spells, Black Magic, Hexes, and Curses in VA
Get an Energy Healing Gavinas Magikal Door

We suggest you call us instead of emailing. We only take your information through email and we do not do any consultation through emails. You can email us your information and we will call you to set up the consultation.

People are from different religions but we aid all towards one.

We have different things like chants and prayers. Ours is towards the sacred essence. Depending upon what is given to us and is revealed inside someone’s life reading, their Akashic records. Then and only then will we know what is to be performed in our practice which is actually a practice without a practice. Going inside the true essence to know what is needed for the individual on their path. We also offer Perfect Internal Experience (PIE)™ into someone’s inner truth with a life reading.

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2011 Princess Anne Street Suite 103 Fredericksburg VA 22401


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