Gavina’s Magikal Door Tarot Readings


Attention all current Gavina’s Magikal Door lovers and customers to come, we are now presenting our very own Tarot/Oracle deck and card readings. Come and get a reading today for only $40.

Magikal Door Gavinas magikal Door Tarot Readings Magikal Door Gavinas magikal Door Tarot Readings
All is one

You have never seen a deck quite like this before.

Here are some Special Tarot offers we are currently having!

Magikal Door Tarot Readings Fredericksburg VA Tarot in Fredericksburg VA $40 Tarot Readings in Fredericksburg VA
Gavina’s Magikal Door Tarot Readings
Best Tarot in Fredericksburg VA

TAROT READINGS in Fredericksburg VA

Basic Tarot Readings with our own trademarked deck $40

Our tarot deck is our own design, frequency, and energy. In our basic reading, 5-8 cards are pulled. You may ask your question about life and have in mind what is going on in life. No energy healing is done throughout this basic session, though some people will receive healing in the session through the cards.

Advanced Energy Healing Tarot Readings $125

This reading goes deeper in your energy to see exactly what you need to work on and light the way. This advacned reading is meant for people serious about making life changes. This grade of reading will be sure to give you valuable information about what you need to bring abudnace, prosperity, happiness and love into you life.

Life Tarot Readings $250

This tarot readings is a whole out print of your life. We illuminate your past to learn from your experiences, balance your present to bring love and happiness to your energy, and enlighten your future to accept the ultimate change in to your reality.

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