Get Ready for Meditation Tomorrow! Its going to be Epic!


You really don’t want to miss meditation tomorrow!

We are going to be having a very magical meditation class tomorrow!

April 26, 2017 | 04/26/2017

Magikal Door Meditation Wednesdays at 7:30 PM

Calling all children of the universe, shamans, light workers, practitioners, witches, wizards, and people from the stars.

Our mediation is nothing you have ever experienced before!

You really don’t want to miss Meditation Class this Wednesday April 26, 2016.

Class this week is going to be very special. All who attend are going to experience the magic like never before. We have an exciting class planned for this week.

Magikal Door Meditation Fredericksburg VA


Gavina’s Magikal Door


2011 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg VA


Wednesday’s at 7:30 PM

Magikal Door Meditation Classes this week Fredericksburg va 22401

Gavinas Magikal Door Gem Showcase Don't Forget About Meditation This Week! Its going to be magical!

Our class is meant to teach you that there is a way to end suffering in your mind and realize wholeness. You are always whole. Come to class this week inside the Magikal Door and see for yourself your own inner magic.

>>> Enter Gavina’s Magikal Door <<<

ASk Yourself About Meditation. Is meditation Right for you

Do you have a troubled past?

Do you have emotions that are our of control?

Are you currently suffering from a divorce, break up, or new relationship that you are confused about?

Do you have questions about your life purpose?

Do you have no where else to go?

Do you feel as if there is no reason to continue in life

Do you wish to forget about things you have done that have harmed yourself or people you love?

Do you suffer for chronic pain, illness, or any type of mental disorder?

Do you want to learn about meditation and how to calm the mind in times of strife?

Are you confused about your life path?

Do you know there is more to life but feel stuck?

Magikal Door Meditation Classes Fredericksburg VA

We do not discriminate against any race, religion, or walk of life.

All is one.

We believe that people can change and realize enlightenment in the blink of an eye when exposed to true universal teaching.When you align yourself with Source, you are able to realize you full potential as a human and overcome the obstacles that you feel have left you stuck or broken down.

We are not here to put down any religion or belief system.

Gavinas magikal door meditation classes fredericksbrug va
Discover your magic

All is one inside our doors and we strive to find the commonalities and healing through all transcripts, teachings, and history. We accept everyone and look forward for people to share their life experiences with our community so we all can grow.

No matter who you are, what you have been through, or what you look like, Meditation Class is sure to help you excel at being YOU. You are the answer to all your problems and issues in life.

Learn how to unlock your inner abilities and potential by using our techniques we teach and practice.

If you have been searching and looking for true universal teaching, you have come to the right place.

Welcome Home!

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