Crystals, Stones, Tarot, Meditation, Seminars and More at the Gem Show!

If you are in Fredericksburg VA this weekend and are interested in metaphysical supplies, minerals, and expanding your intuition, then you should come over to Gavina’s Magikal Door this weekend, Saturday and Sunday April 1-2.

The Gem Show is going to be so much fun!

There are so many activities for you, friends, and family to attend!


Blue Buddha Stones Gavinas Magikal Door Gem Show Fredericksburg VA Crystals, Stones, Tarot, Meditation, Seminars and More at the Gem Show!

Doors open at 11 AM – 5 PM!

Make sure you get there early to have first selection of the stones!

This weekend is the Gem Show and we are coming into the final stretch. We cannot wait to see everyone who shows up to enjoy the magic and go deeper spiritually. We have SO MANY new products you are bound to find something you love.

Olivia Tatara Spiritual Art for Sale in Fredericksburg VA Gem Show Therapy Art Sale

We have spiritual art that caters to all religions and walks of life. Each piece is handmade and embedded with healing frequencies. There are pictures of saints, faeries, Buddha, gods and goddesses of all kinds, and natural elements. Each piece of art is energetically charged and fit to bring you abundance, prosperity, and healing!

We going to having tarot readings, spiritual readings, life readings, practice sessions, energy healing clinics, moxibustion sessions, and many seminars for you to experience. We encourage everyone to experience a form of energy healing because it is your natural state of being without all the emotions you carry day to day. It is true bliss.

Feel a little better each day by incorporating personal energy healing into your conscious mind.

energy healing magikal door
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Check the information below for a consolidated list of what we are going to be offering at the Gem Show on April 1-2:

Magikal Door Gem Show Events List Gavinas Magikal Door Fredericksburg VA

Click here to go to a full explanation of all the events!

We cant wait to see you at the Gem Show in Fredericksburg VA

Gem Show Crystal Showcase Fredericksburg VA Gavinas Magikal Door

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