Gem Show Events April 1-2 | Seminars, Energy Healing, Tarot, and more!

Store Events for the Gem Show on April 1-2 in Fredericksburg VA

Get ready for all the events we are having for the Gem Show this weekend. We are so excited for everyone to see what we have. We are offering a series of events, seminars, clinics, and so many new items to look at!

Gem Show Fredericksburg VAQ

Our Address:

Gavina’s Magikal Door

2011 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg VA 22401

Gem Show Crystal Showcase Fredericksburg VA Gavinas Magikal Door

The Stones are going to be off the hook!!

Come take a picture with the faery or sit in on a seminar where we teach you exactly how to protect yourself. We are having so many events for families, friends, children, practitioners, light workers and everyone who loves metaphysical stuff. 

Metaphysical Supply Store Gavina's Magikal Door
Metaphysical Supply Store Gavina’s Magikal Door

No matter your walk of life, religion, race, or lifestyle, you are welcome inside the Magikal Door. We believe in sharing love and life with everyone. You will receive once you step inside. Come over to the store in Fredericksburg VA.

We ask that you have exact change in cash for events to make transactions smoother and more efficient for everyone.

Go to the home page here to see what we are all about!

Magikal Door Store Events at The Gem Show April 1-2

Magikal Door Events on April 1-2 Gem Show Fredericksburg VA

All our sessions and seminars are on a first come first serve basis. There will be sign in sheets at the door for individual sessions. Names will be called accordingly.

If someone is going through something and looking for something, talk to our staff and we will suggest a product that fits your need. Do you not feel spiritually right? You need growth in your life? Do you want to be guided spiritually and metaphysically? Do you know what is right for your energy?

For $20 we will sit and listen and suggest items for you that we have in the store. We will combine the best products that work best with your energy.

More Metaphysical Services we are offering this weekend:

Magikal Door Tarot Readings Fredericksburg VA Tarot in Fredericksburg VA

Basic Tarot Readings with our own trademarked deck $40

Our tarot deck is our own design, frequency, and energy. In our basic reading, 5-8 cards are pulled. You may ask your question about life and have in mind what is going on in life. No energy healing is done throughout this basic session, though some people will receive healing in the session through the cards.

Advanced Energy Healing Tarot Readings $125

This reading goes deeper in your energy to see exactly what you need to work on and light the way. This advacned reading is meant for people serious about making life changes. This grade of reading will be sure to give you valuable information about what you need to bring abudnace, prosperity, happiness and love into you life.

Life Tarot Readings (Limited to 5 people a day) $250

We are only taking 5 people per day with our Life Tarot Readings. This reading takes up to an hour.

This tarot readings is a whole out print of your life. We illuminate your past to learn from your experiences, balance your present to bring love and happiness to your energy, and enlighten your future to accept the ultimate change in to your reality.

Click here to Learn More about our Tarot Deck!

Blue Buddha Stones Gavinas Magikal Door

Blessings of Directions  $40

For: Couple Blessing of Directions, New Couple, Separations, Divorce, Intimacy, Childbirth, Family Blessings, All Around Family Unity

You will receive a stone or herb in each of your directions that fit your spirit. North, East, South, West

Blessing of Directions is to strengthen your energy centers and balance what has been off, or not feeling right in your body. This will aid to mend connections with people who have caused you trauma and give you new insights to what you can do to better yourself in your transformation.

For families, you will receive one blessing of 4 directions for the entire family. If you want 4 directions for each family member it is $40 per member.

Olivia Tatara Spiritual Art for Sale in Fredericksburg VA Gem Show Therapy Art Sale

Art Therapy for Spiritual Healing, Growth, and Rejuvenation Prices Vary

Out Art is embedded with vibrations, energy, and frequencies to bring the most in your life and put you on the path to higher spiritual awareness. We have a lot of art for sale. Ask staff for pricing

If you are going through things in life the artists and staff will walk around and find a piece of art that works with your energy. What attracts to you? Which painting makes you feel happy, sad, or emotional? Which one do you like the best? Each piece comes with a healing to aid to your full transformation.

Want a custom print or canvas? Ask the staff for prices and what you would like to see in art.

Energy HEaling Clinic in Fredericksburg vA Gavinas Magikal Door

Energy Healing Clinic $15

The clinic is designed to aid towards balancing mind, body, and spirit and helping an individual reach a state of homeostasis.

Contact us today if you are in need of some more serious healing. Do you have chronic illness? Cancer? A loved one is dying or you are going through serious transformation? You are sure to find healing here. Contact us today for more information.

Advanced energy sessions will be a little longer and will be $35. These sessions last about 30-45 minutes depending on your problem areas.

Meditation in Fredericksburg VA Gavina's Magikal Door Fredericksburg va

Partial Energia Moxi Moxie ™ Session $25

Energia Moxi Moxie enhances wellness to aid towards the state of homeostasis bringing forth a wholeness towards a person through Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Our system can help aid towards energy balancing, wellness, releasing past traumas, and balancing of Yang energy. Although we offer full sessions, we can only offer partial sessions at this time. Please ask the staff if you would like to schedule a full healing session.

Click Here to Learn More About this System

Gem Show Events Spiritual Bath Products in Fredericksburg vA Magikal Door Gavinas Magikla Door

Custom Spiritual Bath Salts $25

This is a mixture of salts, herbs and stones. We create the bath in front of you and mix it with certain intentions. We are featuring our overall protection candle to aid you. Use these to promote maximum relaxation and stress relief. Just wash yourself, sit in the salts, and let the healing take over you. Know you are loved, protected, and healthy and the bath products will work their magic.

Meet The Magikal Door Faery April 1-2 Gem Show Fredericksburg VA Magikal Door Store Events

Meet the Faery and get a Faery Blessing $5

Bring kids and family members to see the magic inside the Magikal Door. The faeries are going to be here to spread the magic and love with all the people who believe. Get a special picture with a faery and let your kids make a wish. Everything is possible when you believe in faeries.

Make sure you spot the faery throughout the day in the store. Feel free to ask them questions about the gems and their metaphysical meanings. Faeries love stones and are always happy to help

Learn more about Faeries Here!

Magikal Door Seminars Fredericksburg VA April 1-2 Gem Show Magikal Door Store Events

Emotional Stabilization Seminar 5:30 – 6:15 PM $30

Feeling unstable in your emotions? Do you feel lost? Do you feel unloved? This seminar works to balance your emo

We will be picking people out of the crowd to work on. We will be balancing and teaching people how to balance themselves and work energy with their own body.

Crystal Showcase Fredericksburg VA Gavinas Magikal Door

Aqua Aura Ascension  Seminar 6:30 – 7:15 PM $40

Inside this seminar we will open a divine space, whatever that means for you. It doesn’t matter the faith in which you state you are. All are welcome inside to experience balance. We will bring forth the 7 rays of light to help you ascend into the highest parts of themselves and the inner warrior and inner teacher within. May all that come be blessed.

Protect Thyself Seminar 7:30 -8:30 PM $40

Learn how we protect ourselves in our practice. We will discuss many aspects of spiritual and psychic protection. We will call volunteers where we will demonstrate how the protection works instantly. There will be a raffle at the end of this seminar where participants will be able to win a special piece of art for protection.

All practitioners, light workers, mediums, and all people are encouraged to come to learn proper technique on how to protect yourself during your practice.

Attuned Stones Gavinas Magikal Door
Click the Image to learn more about our Attuned Stones Gavinas Magikal Door

Custom Spiritual Practice Session $160

We will only be taking 3 people for this session. Ask the staff if you would like to take part. This is on a first come first serve basis.

In this session you will sit down one on one with the spiritual teacher and go through your life. What has harmed you? Where are you blockages? What has be harming you in your life? We will go through it all and figure out what is best for your path, energy, and transformation.

Magikal Door Gavinas magikal Door

We can’t wait to see you at the Gem Show this weekend!

We are having so many awesome events that are perfect for all people. Discover change, enlightenment, and prosperity!

Gem Show in Fredericksbug VA Gavinas Magikal Door Events and News

Gem Show Crystal Showcase Fredericksburg VA Gavinas Magikal Door

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