Spiritual Charm Jewelry

Health, wealth, rid negativity, receive love and good luck charms are now available. Come and see all our new blessed charms handmade from Puerto Rico

Get a necklace or a bracelet and feel the energy from our charged products. Wear these charms and feel better both physically and mentally. Get an extra blessing on your charm and bracelet when you come in the store.

Need love in your life? Get yourself an endless love charm!

Spiritual Charm Jewelry
Spiritual Charm Jewelry Endless Love. Bring love into your life like magic

Each charm attracts to the wearer depending on how the energy intertwines. Come in to get one of our beautiful charms today. They are specially handmade and crafted. Each one is blessed with the frequency to bring whatever you need in your life. We have a charm for everything.

Gavinas Magikal Door Metaphysical Charms Stores Fredericksburg VA
Pick a blessed charm for you today!

These charms are straight from Puerto Rico and blessed with pure energy and intention.

Come and get our special charms. We have a variety of designs to aid in your life:

  • Hamsa Hand – Protection
  • Star of David – Dimensional Connection
  • Holy Blessings – Bless the House, Body, and Spirit
  • Om – Universal Connection
  • Cross – Christ Consciousness
  • Elephant – Destroying of Obstacles/Luck
  • Anchor – Build lasting Foundations in Life
  • Horseshoe- Luck
  • Lotus – Enlightenment

Get these awesome blessed charms only at our store before they run out!

These charms are limited so come is as soon as you can to take a look and get a blessing.

Gavinas Magikal Door Metaphysical Store in Fredericksburg VA
Magikal Door Metaphysical Store in VA

Gavina’s Magikal Door

2011 Princess Anne Street Suite 103

Fredericksburg VA 22401

Spiritual Charm Jewelry


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