Spiritual Seminar Tomorrow Night Friday March, 9 2017

Cleansing Seminar Friday 3/10/2017

Unlock your intuitive abilities. Find your inner gifts.

Cleansing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Where: Gavina’s Magikal Door Sacred Healing Grounds

Address: 2011 Princess Anne Suite 103 Street Fredericksburg VA 22401

Date: March 10, 2017

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Admission: $75

Who: Anyone willing to expand on their spirituality and experience the true magic of life

Gavinas Magikal Door Seminar Friday March 10, 2017 Spiritual Seminar Tomorrow Night

Cleansing Seminar Tomorrow 3/10/2017People who attend our meditation class know exactly the magic we have inside our doors. Now is your chance, no matter who you are to come and be cleansed of everything. All the worry, trauma, stress, and pain don’t exist when you walk through our door. These spiritual rituals are meant for anyone who is going through serious changes in their life and need guidance and support. We work energy to enhance all aspects of your spiritual and physical bodies. Learn techniques to clear and cleanse you own energy. Abundance will come into your life once you decide to sacrifice, let go, and do something for yourself. This healing is meant for those who wish to expand their knowledge of the seen and unseen. Unlock your spiritual gifts!

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