Meditation Classes in Fredericksburg VA

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It is proven that people who are spiritually opened make more money, have happier lives, and understand how to breakthrough to others to help them on their paths.

Meditation Classes in Fredericksburg VA
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As you work with people and their energies, you get more in tune to the frequencies in the air. We pick up on things that we cannot see and this starts a reaction in our brain, bringing on emotions and experiences from the past. We realize our habits and begin to eliminate those things from our life that is no longer beneficial to fulfill a stable well being. We experience things and learn to enjoy and deal with them, or we crack under the pressure.

Sometimes we don’t know why we feel the way we do when things seem to be going right. We also wonder why things go wrong when we are trying the best we can.

Meditation Classes in Fredericksburg VA

We would like to personally invite you to try our meditation class on Wednesday night. In our class, we teach techniques and tools to better the brain and work in harmony with the individual’s energy.

Meditation class is on 7:30 PM on Wednesdays.
We teach a variety of meditation techniques from Buddhist culture to Aramaic meditations.

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Our teachings are based on understanding Neuro- Linguistics.

Neuro-Linguistic  Programming is about discovering the inner workings of those who have obtained or achieved a certain result or outcome and to model that thought process to achieve the same result with a different individual.

This method and system is based upon the understanding that we, as individuals, are a mind- body system and that our behavior is a cause or reaction to an inner belief or thought process acquired through our experience or programming.

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Every person can benefit from our meditation class. Apply these techniques to better your own personal growth, businesses endeavors, adn spiritual enlightenment.

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We also offer gemstones and candles that aid to reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments that we encounter everyday. There are natural remedies through herbs, intention, and unity that can aid in mental well-being. They can assist you in you own readings, work, and client based sessions.

Ask a consultant how our products can further your business and personal prosperity. We offer a variety of spiritual services.

Don’t forget meditation at 7:30 PM every Wednesday!!

2011 Princess Anne Street Suite 103
Fredericksburg VA 22401

Meditaiton Classes in Fredericksburg VA


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