30 Day Meditation Challenge for Inner Peace Starts March 1st

Hey Everyone!

We are inviting everyone to participate in our 30 Day meditation challenge.We challenge you to be more spiritually aware multiple times a day. We are human and creatures of habit. Therefore if we make time each day to be aware that we can change the way we think about things, we can fully change.

This challenge starts on March 1, 2017!

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We want everyone, 3 times out of the day, to take 1 minute to be exactly where you are. Embrace and love life and life will truly love you back

Of course you can take this time whenever you want to meditate and be aware, but the times recommended to unify in state are 11 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM. One minute can get you to realize exactly what you need to. 3 minutes will change your life.

30 Day Meditation Challenge for Inner Peace
30 Day Meditation Challenge for Inner Peace gavinas magikal door

Reach exactly what you need to spiritually. Quiet your mind and listen to your soul.

Take a minute to rest into yourself and be thankful for life. Take a minute to just breath and realize you are whole. Take a minute to concentrate on your gifts. Take a minute to hold your stones and absorb what they are asking. Take a minute to be in harmony.  If we can make the habit of taking 3 minutes a day to breath and learn from spirit, then that will multiply into greater insights and spiritual entrances.

Attune yourself to the highest part of your spiritual existence through this challenge! Be in unison with the creative flow and let your spirit tell you what it needs.

Magikal Door Children Meditation 30 Day Meditation Challenge
30 Day Meditation Challenge: Do you have what it takes?

This challenge starts on March 1, 2017!

Who is brave enough to try?

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