New Inner Goddess Spiritual Candles ™ | Gavina’s Magikal Door

Take a look at our New Inner Goddess Spiritual Candles ™

Unlock your Inner Goddess with our new line of spiritual candles. These candles are embedded with a frequency to regain the inner power inside a woman. If you have been going through a hard time in your life and feel your strength diminishing, email us today and we will ship you a candle special for your situation. We have many herbal products, candles, and stones to enhance femininity and live in harmony with your own goddess energy.

New Inner Goddess Spiritual Candles ™ | Gavina’s Magikal Door

Ritual Candles Fredericksburg VA

Magical candles VA
We encourage all women to have power, be true to themselves, and love to the fullest.

New Inner Goddess Spiritual Candles ™ | Gavina's Magikal Door

That first means realizing the power and love for ourselves. Unlock the Goddess within!

Today’s Candles feature:
Inner Passion ™
Inner Goddess ™
Inner Truth ™
Inner Formula ™

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Our spiritual line of candles is like nothing you have ever seen before. Email us your situation in life and we will design a candle, embed it with the right frequency, and bless it to aid you in whatever is going on whether it be a heartbreak, divorce, in need of money, extra luck, or whatever.

Know the real power when working in the metaphysical realm. Our spiritual candles are NO joke and should be handled with extreme care.

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We are located at 2011 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg VA 22401

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