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We are here to direct you on the proper path to your highest spiritual awareness. Does this sound interesting? Click Here.

When someone says Black Magic a lot of things run through someone’s mind.

When we look at energy, we try to let people understand the energy is neither good nor bad. It Is energy and it is from the Source.

‘Is Black Magic real’ is the question. Black Magic can be all different fragments of your own emotion, phobias and fears. It can be attachments towards arguments, different relationships, families and ancestral lines, but ultimately Black Magic is just a name. Learn more here.

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The initial evaluation is not the actual Black Magic removal. It is a consultation to see where you are at, what needs to be removed or what other type of work you may need. All black magic removal and consulting must be in person.

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Please do not ask us to keep a loved one hostage because you want to be in a relationship with that person. This is not what we do. We can evaluate the relationship and different things to see where frequencies could possibly be changed. We do not put spells on someone for keeping relationships. This is the biggest practice in Black Magic. We can aid toward bringing peace but this depends upon both parties, their energy and frequency, how truthful they are and if there is room to mend and forgive.

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