Meditation class starts at 7:30 PM! ~Be there or be square~

If you have been searching for a place to practice, learn, and enhance your intuitive abilities in the metaphysical field, you are in the right place! Meditation might be exactly what you are looking for!

Meditation class starts tonight at 7:30 PM in our store locations! If you are going through serious changes in your life, in need of a change, experiencing illness, past trauma, relationships, or anything in life that you feel is preventing you from living to your fullest potential.

We teach exercises  and coping mechanisms to help you deal with negative energies from people you encounter and places you visit. Learn to protect yourself from the low vibrating beings that walk on this Earth. Things harm us and infect us without even know. We Teach techniques on clearing, cutting chords, and releasing the emotions of the past.

Resonate with a higher vibration and bring yourself to the next level of consciousness. Meditation will help you find your inner truth and discover things about yourself that you have only dreamed of. Anything is possible once your mind, body, and spirit are rid of the emotions from past experiences . We can give you tools to produce inner healing on yourself.

So many times have people come in the store saying how others have tried to help them but ended up taking money and causing more pain, loss, and confusion. We are all about laying a foundation where you can rebuild yourself from everyone who has torn you down in the past. This is a judgement free environment where you are encouraged to be who you are. We are all family inside the Magikal Door! We are all about the truth of life and what have been going on.

If this sounds like something you can relate to or be apart of. Come to Meditation class tonight at 7:30 PM tonight 12/15/2016!

Here is a free coupon for your first time!


Meditation class starts at 7:30 PM! ~Be there or be square~
One Free Coupon to Meditation! Now you have to show up!

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