Daily Tarot Reading for November 8 2016 ~Gavina’s Magikal Door~

Daily Tarot Reading for November 8 2016 ~Gavina’s Magikal Door~

Today’s Cards:


Daily Tarot Reading for November 8






Attention all current Magikal Door lovers and customers to come, we are now presenting our very own Tarot/Oracle deck and card readings. Come and get a reading today for only $40 before they go to print.

You have never seen a deck quite like this before. Get a get glimpse of our deck before it is fully completed.

We are currently in printing production and we will be selling our decks very soon!

With our new deck, we can measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding you and your life. Be the first to experience the magic of our new hand made oracle cards. Ask our cards the questions you desire and determine the proper path you want to venture on.

Each one is hand drawn and blessed. Let the cards speak to you and come to get a reading today! Our readings are used for guidance through life while making choices on your path to a higher consciousness.

We offer Tarot Readings today to the Fredericksburg VA area. Walk through life with confidence that you know what to do and experience this magic.

Yesterday’s Reading, November 7 2016


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