NEW St. Lazarus Soap ™

NEW St. Lazarus Soap™

Come and get our new St. Lazarus Soap ™ here to aid you in wealth, health, and bring forth abundance in every aspect of your life!

New Saint Lazarus Soap
St. Lazarus

St. Lazarus was a good friend of Jesus Christ and was risen from the dead by Christ 4 days after he died. St. Lazarus had no fear of death for he knew he would be saved and rewarded through his friendship and devotion. The frequency of our St. Lazarus soap ™ will bring you courage to walk through life in health and without fear.

Our soaps are programmed and infused with the vibration of St. Lazarus to help you realize your worth and bring you more health.

NEW St. Lazarus Soap ™
St. Lazarus Soap ™ $4


Disclaimer: St. Lazarus soap ™ has the vibration to bring forth health if you have been going through serious illness. Our soap should not be used for any substitution of medical services or medication. It will assist you on the path to healthier life.

Look for more of our Soaps of the Saints™ coming soon and more herbal bath products made specially by Sherry!


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