Chakra Charging Plates

New Magikal Door Chakra Charging Plates


Chakra Charging plates attune to aid toward enhancing ones energy and ones space.

Each one is custom designed towards specific alignments  in ones frequency.

Get a special chakra healing today by purchasing one of our colorful plates to aid your energy centers.




sacral chakra charging plate
Sacral Chakra


Which plate are you attracted to? Do any of these designs call out to you? Contact us today and visit us in our store for more information about our services and spiritual products.

We ship everywhere in the US. Standard Shipping Rates Apply.

This will not effect anyone’s religion. Come in today and state your situation and we will guide you through our now line of products, if you are having any situation or  you are going through come on it we are open until 5.

Candles are on sale from 7-11 Dollars Each candles and plates vary from $25-30 has its own meaning to help you in your life. We can custom make a candle FOR you situation that is 15-20. Ask our staff about pricing.  Come to our store today for our Metaphysical item Sale

Come to Magikal Door for all your metaphysical needs and supplies.

Get a free 5-10 minute consultation today!

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