Meditation Classes in Virginia

Join us for Meditation Classes at Magikal Door this Thursday to expand on your spiritual path. Everyone is Welcome.


meditation classes in fredericksburg va

For anyone who is in need of guidance and relief from anxiety, stress, illness and bad feelings through relationships, family and friends you will find support here. We will help you on the path of finding internal peace and harmony. Our services enhance anyone’s journey and faith.

You may bring in your own faith, morals, and beliefs inside. Every Thursday Night at 7:30 PM we offer meditation to help you be happy and positive as you walk through life.

We offer spiritual and emotional teachings and healing.


Bring forth spiritual healing and wholeness to return all parts whole. Listen to what you need to hear, not what everybody thinks you want to here. We are not here to sugar coat things and allow confusion to still linger on. We are about ending all suffering and illusions inside the self. To end the search and realize that we have always been there. That we have always been whole and at peace with ourselves and others.

Come join us every Thursday Night at 7:30 PM at Gavina’s Magikal Door for a meditation that is sure to put you on the path of enlightenment and truth. You will never be the same.


We are located at 2011 Princess Anne Street Suite 103 Fredericksburg VA 22401

Visit our site for more information on how you can learn to live in harmony with the realm of the metaphysical.

Call Sherry at 540-847-6080

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