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Come in to Magikal Door to see our collection of stones that will aid you in reaching your goals and reaching a higher vibration.

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Each stone has its own unique property which can be applied to your life and utilized so you can be successful. Learn to use the stones and live with harmony with the earth. Make sure you take good care of your stones because if neglected, they can bring unblance into aspects of your life.

mystical crystals

Raw Rainbow Moonstone

Metaphysical gemstones are sensitive and sometimes a stone or crystal you are strongly drawn to doesn’t feel good, or a stone that felt good previously doesn’t feel good now. The stone or crystal may need to be cleared.

Clearing a stone

Clearing is necessary before using any stone for healing. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. Crystals and healing gemstones need to be cleared as soon as they are purchased as well as clearing after every healing. A cleared, ready crystal feels positive and bright, tingly and cold to the touch. A crystal that needs clearing may feel hot, heavy or drained. There are a number of ways to effectively clear crystals and gemstones.


Raw Selenite 

Selenite is a natural clearing stone and can be put around any negative stone to clear it. Moonlight and Sunlight also clear away any negative energy the stone has absorbed.


Remember to take care of your gemstones. They will benefit you in your life if you take are diligently paying attention to the effects,

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