Free Spiritual Consultation Today until 2PM 6/25

Are you going through something and need guidance and support?

Have you always been attracted to metaphysical realm but don’t know where to start?

Come in to Magikal Door for a free 5 minute spiritual consultation today until 2PM! 

Table Sale Jul 25

We will tell you what’s going on and the steps you need to get on the path of abundance and prosperity. It is time to feel better. Experience happiness and joy by coming into Magikal Door.

Don’t Forget to make a wish in our new outdoor wishing fountain.

wishing fountain magikal door

Comment on this post and we will be more than happy to make a wish on your behalf.

We are also giving away free protection bracelets. All your metaphysical supplies are at Magikal Door


Come Visit us at 2011 Princess Anne Street Suite 103 Fredericksburg Va 22401



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