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Gavina’s Magical Door

Note: We have changed locations and are available by appointment only.

Please call Sherry at 540-847-6080 for information.

We are no longer at 108 Gordon St.


All is One. Mind. Body. Spirit. 

Welcome to Gavina’s Magikal Door


Magikal Door Fredericksburg VA
Gavinas Magikal Door Fredericksburg VA

We offer  a friendly, warm environment for our customers and the community while providing a wide range of products and services to meet everyone’s metaphysical needs. We have an abundance of metaphysical supplies such as incense, white sage, tapestries, palo santo, mojo bags, spiritual and ritual candles, and more. We are located in Fredericksburg Virginia.

We want everyone to enjoy life to the fullest and be who they are. Experience one of our Meditation Classes and take a journey into you. Be full of joy and harmony as you walk through this world and impact the people around you. Everyone in our thriving community strives to assist you on your path of life no matter your race, religion, or background.

Welcome home.

We offer many spiritual services and classes to cater to your metaphysical needs including  Reiki classes, Reiki energy work, Energy Healing, Spiritual Consulting and Healing, Spiritual Retreats, Yoga for Healing, Rems Healing Sessions,  & Weekly Meditation. We want everyone who comes to our grounds to feel welcome and cared for, which is why we offer brief consultations so you can begin to see the world in a different light and enjoy everything more.

In addition to our services, we have a wide range of products available. Enter our store and find everything you would need to achieve and maintain a positive lifestyle and answer all your energy and metaphysical wants, needs, and desires.  We carry many gemstones, necklaces, incense, blessed items, jewelry, tapestries, clothing, spiritual art, herbs, spices, spiritual candles and much more. Come and see for yourself all the treasures that are found behind Gavina’s Magikal Door.



Spiritual Candles

What ails you in life? Do you need money, love, protection, or maybe just a clear mind? We have a candle that can work for you. All spiritual candles are produced at Gavina’s Magikal Door and are blessed by our spiritual workers. Experience true magic today.

We make our own spiritual candles, bless, and dress them for magically simple additions for energy work, rituals, spells, candle magic, and spiritual healing. Our candles are infused with the frequency of light to break through negative barriers from peers, family, friends, and relationships. Pick one that applies to your life situation.

Bring money, love, wealth, happiness, protection, and youth into you life when you light one of our spiritual candles. We have numerous spiritual candles currently for sale and are developing new designs to fit your specific needs.

>>Click here to go to the store and buy spiritual candles online<<

Gavinas Magikal Door Worldwide MEtaphysical Stores worldwide


Skin and Beauty

We are proud to offer you our specialty line of homemade organic skin and beauty products which can be made personal if you contact our staff. You can pick from our hand made line of soaps, creams, healing bath salts, facial scrubs and perfumes. We also carry a large array of homemade and blessed candles for any type of occasion. New scents are made frequently so come and get them before your favorite scent runs out!



Join us on WEDNESDAY nights at 7:30 PM for Meditation that helps you deal with anxiety, stress, illness, and every day situations. Its only $10. You are here for a reason. Experience peace and make a change in your life. Our meditation helps people of all walks of life, people of all different ethnicity and religion, and people of all different ages. We are here to help you enjoy your life and be successful and confident in who you. Smile, laugh, and be who you truly are. You have never experienced anything like this. Click here to learn more about our Weekly Adult Meditation.


MAgikal Door Meditation Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
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We are continuing to add workshops so make sure you check back regularly. If there is a specific art, craft, or teaching you are interested in and don’t know where to find it, let us know and our staff may be able to help you out. Visit our Online Store to get our magikal products delivered right to your door.

There is always someone on site to guide you through the process of determining your herbal, magikal, and spiritual needs in the realm of the metaphysical. Step inside the Magikal Door and find exactly what you are looking for.

Gavinas Magikal Door online Store
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We want to help you on your way to a positive, loving, and energy filled life!


Candle LIght Ceremony Gavinas Magikal Door Fredericksburg VA
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Gavina's Magikal Door




5 thoughts on “Enter the Magikal Door

  1. Thank you for my reading today. I’m feeling very peaceful. Can’t wait to go back for next Thursdays meditation class.

  2. My daughter and I are new to the area and have been in search of those with like mind. We are very excited that you are so close to home. Hopefully coming in to see you this week.
    Bright Blessings

  3. Good Evening
    I am intetested in learning how to make candles with an emphasis on healing/aromatherapy qualities. Are you still offering classes at this time?

    1. Hello! Please call (540) 847-6080 for more information and upcoming class schedule! Many Blessings

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